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OFweek provides comprehensive, professional and precise high-tech industry services

Contents Service

OFweek spreads timely and accurate hi-tech industry information to users through PC, mobile network, and APP as well as major social media and web sites, and is becoming the preferred information source and functional platform for high-tech industry users. OFweek also has various functional modules to provide members massive high quality, convenient high-tech industry knowledge.

Brand Promotion

OFweek provides comprehensive, professional and precise promotion service for high-tech industry.

Brand Conference

OFweek hold more than 200 webinar, industry forum and summit, salon, industry awards, exhibition,business meeting every year, and help various exhibition parties and business owners to organize meetings, do promotion and so on, making it the preferred platform for companies to expand its market and promote its brand.
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Brand Exhibition

As the image Expo hosted by OFweek, WAI人工智能技术E, World Artificial Intelligent Exposition, has been held in Shanghai for twice, covering areas such as AI人工智能技术, intelligent medical care, intelligent education, intelligent automobile, intelligent security, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things and 5G, etc.
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Industry Research Service

OFweek Industry Research Center---a high-tech information and research & analysis service provider, focuses on five high-tech fields- new energy (solar, energy storage, smart grid), li-ion battery (lithium battery, new energy vehicles), photoelectric (display, electronics, semiconductor, optical communication), intelligent manufacturing, robotics, machine vision, industrial 4.0, 3D printing, laser), artificial intelligence and the Internet of things (AI人工智能技术, interactive platform, data transmission communication, terminal application) ; and provides data information services of great strategic values for customers, which include industry custom reports, industry consulting, industry development white paper, business plan, feasibility report, IPO consulting, investment and financing consulting and other services.
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Industrial Park Service

OFweek Industrial Park, a professional service platform for China's high-tech industry, directly connected with more than 5,000 high-tech industrial parks across the country and based on 10 years professional researches from OFweek, has nearly thousands of resources from the global academic and business consultant, and a database covering more than 10 millions companies and individuals. Focusing on providing scientific industrial site selection, policy support declaration, industrial resources docking and other one-stop solutions for high-tech enterprises, we are committed to building a first-class comprehensive industrial service platform in China.
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Government Service

Based on OFweek more than 10 years of high-tech industrial chain enterprise resources and professional service team, OFweek Government Serice is committed to meeting government high-tech needs, providing one-stop solutions for the government high-tech industry projects such as entrusted precise investment, government investment, recruitment , docking government and enterprise projects.
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Industrial Investment Fund

As a professional service platform for China's high-tech industry fund, OFweek Industrial Investment Fund focuses on raising funds, issuing and operating management services for the industrial fund cooperation of various fund companies, listed companies and large investment institutions. With professional and all-round services, we provide a complete set of solutions for high-tech industry such as, fund raising, issuance, investment, merger and acquisition, operation management and market value management.
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Technological Achievements

Based on OFweek, OFweek Technological Achievements Center is an one-stop trading platform for scientific and technological achievements, providing universities, research institutes and enterprises scientific and technological information, and services like evaluation of achievements, intellectual property rights, capital docking, talent docking, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, project incubation, science and technology parks.
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OFweek training is a leading training platform focusing on China's high-tech field, providing a variety of all-round training course customization, training resource screening and evaluation service for high-tech enterprises. Our courses, covering enterprise strategic planning, investment and financing, capital operation, talent incentive, management, technology, marketing and others, are carefully selected to meet the need of China’s high-tech enterprises.
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OFweek Headhunting is a professional talent service platform in China's high-tech industry, providing in-depth talent allocation services and training services, mainly providing talent big data, value-added services, government projects, headhunting services, RPO/BPO services, community recruitment, talent network membership, training and other overall and professional services.
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Isweek (, a direct-selling platform for global industrial high-tech products with high quality, is committed to providing one-stop product sales and procurement service to the global high-tech product purchasers, suppliers, traders, and manufacturers.
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